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Raoul Dufy Portrait
Raoul Dufy
Raoul Dufy made his mark on the 20th Century as he helped to create a modern visual sensibility and perception, a way of seeing things after the First World War, which was different from the way they were ever seen before.

Born in Le Havre on June 3rd 1877 in a family which was to count nine children, Raoul Dufy soon showed some rare talent for drawing. Forced to earn a living at 14, he interrupted his studies to work in a coffee importing firm in the harbour of his native city and also attended night courses at the School of Fine Arts.

After his military service he went to Paris where he lived with Othon Friesz, who was also from Le Havre. [Read More]

Dufy's Art

"Le Port du Havre, 1906" by Raoul Dufy
Le Port du Havre
"L?Atelier au Bouquet" by Raoul Dufy
L'Atelier au Bouquet
"Joinville" by Raoul Dufy

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